Vijaya Malya leaves the country on 2nd March:A case of ugly connivance.Shravan Sharma

A Very late Application moved before the Recovery Tribunal, to impound the Passport of Vijay Malya ,that was not allowed by the Tribunal,the Banks approach the High Court.The High Court also refuses to pass the requisite order .The matter reaches to the Supreme Court and on 9th of March the A.G .informs the Apex Court that he has already left the country last week.Is not a big Drama being played in the country..?What the banks have been doing in all these years or weeks and why the Recovery Tribunal granted almost 70 adjournments in this case?How the loan was sanctioned without adequate securities and even when he was a defaulter?Who are behind the scene?,Netas of UPA and other political parties,Officers of all the Banks involved in the Scam and Juges of the Recovery Tribunal?If this Tribunal is destined to function in this way what is the need for this Tribunal?If the escape saga of the King of Good days,is all meticulously planned Drama?

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