Hare Krishna,
We from Iskcon would humbly request you to attend with your family and friends Jagganath ratha yatra which we are organizing on 31st January 2016 that is tomorrow. The details for ratha yatra are as follows:
1) starting venue and time : From Jagat farm at 12 p.m.
2) Path: Jagat farm, beta-1, authority gol chakkar, omaxe gol chakkar, Sharma clinic Delta-2, I-443 Delta-2 at 6:00 p.m.
3) from 6 p.m. onwards at I-443 , Delta-2 we will be celebrating "Hare Krishna festival" in which there will be dance, drama, Pravachan and bhandara Prasadam.

Also if you can help us with media coverage that would surely attract mercy and blessings of Lord Jagganath upon you who is Lord of everyone and everything.

Yours sincerely
Rasaraja Gaura Das
ISKCON Greater Noida preaching centre