Chetan Bhagat on the Budget in TOI-Shravan K.Sharma

So now even Chetan is attempting to be an economist and advise the Modi government on its economic policies.In the Budget 2016 Modi government announced some schemes for rural sector and farmers of India.Though these schemes are not big in comparison to what the different governments have been dolong out to the corporate world,yet even this tokenism has annoyed our right wing champions.The budget has helped ;start a war of perception.Chetan considered theBJ P a right wing and pro-business party and is now shocked to see that the same party is showing unwanted courage of doing something for the poor farmers and rural infrastructure.This is populist ,according to him.It shows his little knowledge of economics and the country.His perceptions are flimsy andbased on the gossips of his club- going friends in Mumbai.He must be certainly knowing that more than 50% of Indian population is depending on agricultural for its livelihood and the purchasing power of rural population has dwindled considerably,resulting into poor production in factories.If you have no demand in’the market who will give jobs to youths of middle class or for that matter of any such classThis aspect of the Budget has been appreciated by all the doyens of the Industry.For him restrain on fiscal spending is a trivial thing,whereas the biggest victim of the inflation is always the middle class.Can’nt we stop thinking in jargons, in terms ofleft and right and think in totality .

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