Grads International School hosted the Miss Teen International Environmental Seminar 2018 in their school on 17th December 2018.

Miss Teen Belgium – Lola Paquay and Miss Teen Venezuela – Kiara Pineda graced the occasion. Mrs Swati Sharma, Miss Lola and Miss Kiara spoke about the statistics, the need of protecting environment and what we can do about it. Students made wreath of garden leaves and flowers, paper bags, cards and friendship bands for the international guests. Miss Teen Belgium and Miss Teen Venezueala enjoyed a lot of environment protection activities in school with the students and also danced and sang songs with them.

Later, the Miss Teen Internationals with some students, teachers, and the director of the school Dr. Roya Singh and the Principal Mrs. Aditi Basu Roy visited a village Pali under “Back to Village” program where they had an amazing experience of rustic farmland air and Indian culture. Women and men of the village welcomed the international beauty pageant participants in a north Indian traditional style. Villagers organized folk songs and dances for the guests. The girls from far away countries and with a different culture, participated in the north Indian cultural panorama wholeheartedly. They enjoyed the hands on experience of Indian oven ( Chullah), savored the Indian cuisine and drinks. After returning to school they planted trees and had a photo sessions with the students. The Director Dr. Roya and the Principal Mrs. Aditi Basu Roy gifted each of them a copy of Bhagawat Geeta, The New Garden, a hand crafted stole ( Doopatta), bangles, ear rings and bindis which are identities of Indian culture and heritage.

Miss Teen Belgium and Miss Teen Venezuela were sad to leave the school and took away a memorable day with them